About Georgia


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Georgia is a small country situated on the crossroad of Europe and Asia. The western part of Georgia is washed by the Black Sea. Tbilisi is a capital of Georgia founded in the fifth century.

Amazing nature and the diversity of this country was the source of inspiration for a lot of writers and poets. Here we have everything that the traveler can only dream about: mountains of eternal snow, mountain lakes, alpine meadows, canyon rivers full of flowers and fruit, palm coasts, natural canyons, ancient caves, mineral waters and sulfur water pools – thus this place is indeed a heaven on Earth!


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A good holiday, first and foremost, means a safe holiday. According to Numbeo reports, Georgia is the safest country in Europe and 6th in the world following South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Friendly Georgians are always willing to assist you. You won’t need to take extra care of your pocket and handbag. No one will disturb you here, though, just in case, Georgian policemen are at your service 24/7. Relax, and enjoy your precious time in this beautiful country.


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Nothing tells you more about the spirit and culture of a country than its cuisine. Georgian national dishes are amongst the best in the world for their diversity and taste.

While meat plays an important part in Georgian cuisine, very close attention is also paid to the locally produced vegetables, fruit and greens.

The secret of this taste is Georgian soil: natural extension of a fertile, mineral-rich landscape fed by the pure waters of the Caucasus Mountains. It seems that the nature harmoniously lives in products, that are being used to create unique, delicious, and organic Georgian dishes.


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Hectares of vineyards, Rtveli (Georgian harvesting) accompanied with polyphonic singing and clay vessels (Kvevri) full of wine – this is Georgia. Wine is everything here - everyone loves it. Every family will treat you with their own wine with great pleasure and pride. Vineyard is a sacred place for Georgians and winemaking – our beloved tradition. Country with population around 3.5 million, yearly produces approximately 150 million liters of wine.

Georgia has 8000 years of unbroken tradition of winemaking, which is proved by multiple archeological excavations and historical facts. The modern world recognized Georgia as the homeland of wine. According to one version, English word - wine derived from Georgian “ghvino”.


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History of Georgia is the history of struggling for freedom. Nearly all the largest empires in the world attempted to possess this land. But after all, we amazingly managed to survive and preserve our independence. There were times when several huge invaders at the same time struggled for having influence over Georgia. The reason of all these wars was strategic location of Georgia between Europe and Asia on the major trade artery - Silk Road.


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You are about to discover a country of diverse culture, rich history and unique artifacts. Georgia is home to the first human outside of Africa who settled down here about 2 million years ago. Georgia is an ancient country at the crossroads of the Eastern and Western civilizations, where the European and Asian way of life and traditions merge for thousands of years. Indeed this country has a lot of amazing things to show you and tell you!

Tax In Georgia

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According to World Bank Group, Georgia Ranks as the 3rd Least Tax Burdened Country in the World, with 9.9% Total Tax Rate.

Taxpayers in Georgia are subject to the following flat tax rates (modules):

  • 0% or 15% Corporate Profit Tax
  • 20% Personal Income Tax
  • 18% Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • 0%, 5% or 12% Import Tax
  • up to 1% Property Tax

  • No corporate income tax on retained and reinvested profit, profit tax applies only to distributed earnings.
  • Personal income tax for interest, dividend and royalty is 5%.
  • Nocapital gains, wealth or inheritance tax.
  • Pension contribution - 2% paid by employer, 2% paid by employee, 2% paid by Government.
  • Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties with 56 countries.
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