About CitizenGE.org

CitizenGE.org is the online platform for the processing of Georgian citizenship applications under the initiative known as the Georgian Joint Stock Company known as “Georgian Health Fund” (GHF). It is operated by license to Manhattan Link, LLC. It is owned and was developed by David J. Hart PA, LLC (Puerto Rico).

Our Team

David J. Hart

Managing Director/Legal Counsel David Hart is a practicing lawyer for the past 28 years, and a member of the New York and Florida bar associations. He leads the management team of the platform & is the primary person responsible for all essential decisions related to the Georgian Passport Program.

Armando Mosquera

Operations Manager- direct responsibility for all areas of the operation of the platform including technical liaison and human resources.

Rajesh Francis

Director, Information Technology - Francis is a Stanford Graduate and has over 25 years of experience in Software Engineering & providing enterprise level digital solutions.

Susana Escobar

Agent Enlistment Manager- handles all matters related to the onboarding of Agents to the platform, including training, marketing, and compensation.